1. The Cob Builders Handbook – “Hand sculpt your own home.” Earth is one of the most ancient building materials, and for good reason. It is readily available, inexpensive, durable, and can be exceptionally comfortable to live in, with excellent acoustics and heat storage capabilities, and visually appealing mass. “Cob” means lump, basically (but not exactly) lumps of mud. Cob building requires no specialized tools and is perhaps the simplest of the types of earthen construction. Anyhow, I should stop raving about it and let this excellent little book speak for itself.

2. <<more to come>>


One thought on “shelter

  1. In Gem Alberta An industrious farmer in the hungry thirties built a large earthen dairy barn complete with a large hayloft. It was warm and practical. within 5 years it had disintegrated to a pile of rubble

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