1. Store Wars – “Not long ago in a supermarket not so far away…”

2. Nutrition and Physical Degeneration – A doctor in the 1930s travelled the world conducting research into the diets of “primitive” and “civilized” people. Due to globalization since then, an experiment of this type can never be repeated again on the same scale. His findings are astonishing. This is the sort of book that changes the way people view the world.

3. Wild Fermentation – “Microorganisms are your friends.”

4. The Humanure Handbook – It may be surprising to hear, but it is true…our crap is a substance of great potential value. Consider the fact that the nutrients in the foods we eat came from the soils that grew the plants (or the soils the grew the plants that fed the animals that we ate). We take all these nutrients, absorb a small portion of them during digestion, and discard the rest into our drinking water! (i.e. the water table, through septic tanks and other methods). We starve our food producing land while polluting our water. Any animal is smarter than we are in this regard. Read this book and consider how to crap responsibly.

5. <<more to come>>