I live in New Zealand, half a world away from my origins. I came here out of curiosity. I enjoy ideas. I like to talk about them and sometimes try them. I thrive on big ideas but overlook practical details. This trait is sometimes interpreted either as brilliance or laziness, but is probably a combination.  I thrive on being different. I love being asked to find solutions to problems, and my solutions will be unique.

I thrive as a behind-the-scenes enabler for visionaries. 

I tend to be a loner. I love to explore out of the way places.  When I plan a trip, I am drawn to those areas on the map that have no roads or towns. I like mud houses, fractal gardens, alcoves, compost heaps, organic efficiency, naps, thunderstorms, and going barefoot. Fermentation and vegetables from my garden make me happy.

I like to be with someone who has no expectations. I prefer silence to chit-chat, and this is not a negative statement about the other person.

I am finding it helpful to understand that reality is frequently the exact opposite of what we are told it is, and to view events in this way.

I know there is a God and it is possible to be his friend. At the moment I am sorting out what this means for me.

I maintain this blog as:

  • news updates for interested people,
  • an outlet for ideas and thoughts, and
  • a photo blog.

I post whenever there is something worth posting, so it tends to be “boom” or “bust.” I like to hear your comments.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi
    I thought you might like to be in touch with very dear friends of ours who live in Christchurch NZ
    John & Mary Beaumont. His email address is johnbe@xtra.co.nz
    Your comment of sorting out what that means for me, prompted this message. Enjoy discovering! John

  2. Hi John,

    Thanks for that. I have actually been in touch with John B for a while, and hope to meet him and Mary when we take a trip that way next month.

    Best regards,

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