ruahine tops longview-howletts tramp part 3

(Link here for Part 1) (Link here for part 2) Next morning the goal was to get an early start leaving Howletts Hut – early enough to see a promisingly warm sunrise.


This was the weather we’d been waiting for. As the day progressed it became quite warm and still. Warm enough to work up a sweat jolting down the knee-jarringly steep spur from Howletts Hut to the riverbed and Daphne Hut.


Past Daphne Hut you have to walk along the riverbed, crossing several times. Great to take off the shoes and feel those rocks with your bare feet.


Then bask in the sun on the other end – at a bend in the river that looks like a nice camping spot (for future reference).


Hey why not just leave those feet au natural for the rest of the tramp. It’s warm enough.


Now more ridge walking – good views, in exchange for steep ups and downs. The track was well-formed and well-travelled. This time in beech forest – providing welcome shelter from the sun. Here are some things that caught my eye.



A possum skull.


A wacky fungus growing on the side of a tree.


And a tree that thoughtfully moved out of the way of the path.


At the high point of the ridge, we stopped for lunch in a spot of sun. Shortly along trundled some folks from the tramping club coming to check in their hut. We gave them a positive report on Howletts!

Back to the car, where the customary “after” photo was taken – then on to the village of Ongaonga where we celebrated with a ginger beer and an ice cream from the general store, then parted ways.



3 thoughts on “ruahine tops longview-howletts tramp part 3

  1. Great story! Great photos! What an exhilarating experience for you. Thanks for sharing it with me.

  2. Hi David and Eilidh,
    I would love to subscribe to your blog. I just received a Christmas letter from your parents which made me think of you. I remember you both so fondly! I and my husband and three children are all doing well here in Washington state.

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