cook strait in a southerly

With a major deadline to meet at work, the last couple of weeks have been pretty intense.  Quite often this meant getting up at 5:30 AM, catching the very first bus into the city, and one of the last buses home at night.

Friday, 4pm. One rather long written report complete. Time for some rest!

Saturday morning I woke Eilidh, put us in a taxi, and whisked away to the ferry terminal. We pulled out of Wellington on the Santa Regina, heading toward Picton, straight into a roaring southerly.

My experience with inter-island ferry trips so far had been in calm conditions and I had been keen to experience the notorious Cook Strait in all its glory. Well, one goal can be ticked off the list! Next time, a calm sailing would be very acceptable.

By “the Cook Strait in all its glory” – I mean like on this video. Ours was tame in comparison. No fender benders, and most of breakfast stayed in the stomach where it belongs.

What a relief to come into the sheltered Marlborough Sounds…

The secret to avoid queasiness: curl up on a couch, stay warm and avoid moving!

Looking a little rough around the edges…

In port.


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