rambles part 3

(West) coast to (east) coast via the Lewis Pass road.

It was another hot day so the dense shady forests spreading over the Lewis Pass road were welcome. We stopped frequently for short walks, visiting the Sluice Box (what color is the water? like the milky blue glass surface behind our kitchen stove!), the Alpine Fault (it wasn’t moving at the time), a waterfall (cold shower for a hot day), Lewis Pass Lookout (yes it is a track – just bushwhack between orange markers).

Stopped at Hanmer Springs, a small town known for its hot springs and now full of gaudy shops of flashy trinkets catering to mobs of tourists! But perhaps I should temper that by saying we were there on a Saturday, on New Year’s Day, at the height of the summer holidays, so my opinion may be biased.

Driving Leader Road between Waiau and the coast, we saw lots of wild apple trees thriving in the road verge. And plum trees. I wonder what the story is behind all those trees.

Then to Kaikoura.

Thanks to Raewyn‘s recommendation we visited Hislops Organic Cafe, and had several hours there with good food and coffee, conversation and book reading. 

Fyffe Cottage – an old whaler’s home.

On the wild pebbly Kaikoura beach.

A Kiwi tradition – ice cream, even on a cool windy day…

On the Kaikoura Peninsula Walk.

My parents got tired so sat down in this little enclosure to rest and read the sign. 😉

(I thought the shading and curves in this photo looked interesting when viewed sideways.)


3 thoughts on “rambles part 3

  1. So glad you got to enjoy Hislops. Hanmer is definitely a place to avoid at peak summer. Just been there myself and it was very pleasant. Not too crowded being a non-holiday Monday. Despite the tourist shops it is a lovely wee place to chill 😉

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