rambles part 2

From Nelson it was off to the west coast to Charleston. We made our home base for a few days at Charleston Motor Camp, where my parents made friends with everyone in the camp! (That’s only a slight exaggeration.)

At Punakaiki we walked the Punakaiki River – Pororari River loop track, and came across this spot on the track with stunning natural light.

To me these photos of Eilidh are deeply meaningful. They reflect the confidence and inner freedom that has been growing in her, as she is coming to know herself outside of the expectations of herself and others. They show the beauty and maturity that I see developing in her character. It is inspiring to watch these changes.

Walking back along the Punakaiki River (last year‘s trip saw us down this way on a horse trek):

Truman Beach sea cave:

Taking flight.

And…sunset over the Tasman Sea.

Next day, back at the motor camp – West Coast NZ Wind Technology:

On the walkway to the Cape Foulwind seal colony: Obey the sign!


3 thoughts on “rambles part 2

  1. Great photos. Agree re Eilidh growth & development. Wonderful to see 🙂 Azzan will be most impressed with her flying photos!

  2. Andrew & I are awed over the picture of E on the trail with the light shining down… wow! Beautiful photography – and subject. = ) Sure love you both!

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