clever compact beds

I’m a sucker for everyday items designed to be multi-purpose and compact. Things like beds, for example. I myself think it’s rather odd that Westerners expect to have rooms in their houses in which the space is largely occupied by immobile beds, when it’s not that hard to envision beds that fold (like Murphy beds) or simply roll up and out of the way (like traditional Japanese futon beds), clearing space for a room to have multiple uses. 

Eilidh and I have abandoned our cold bedroom in the winter and instead sleep in the lounge under the heat pump on an IKEA futon that doubles as a sofa during the day. Then in the summer we’ll go back to sleeping on the carpeted bedroom floor with a thick blanket underneath and a down duvet on top, which I find a remarkably comfortable arrangement and helpful for my back (though it took a bit of time at first to adapt).

For example, see the below clever take on the old Murphy bed design. This is not a plug for the MDF- and veneer-ridden designer products of this label, but I admire their clever designs!

If you liked that, check out this brilliant youtube video with more of their designs.


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