Simply Good Food CSA Limited

For two years now we’ve been getting fruit and veggies from an organization in Wellington called Simply Good Food. It’s a sort of CSA (which stands for Community Supported Agriculture). Since we value nutritious healthy food and are aware of how difficult it can be for farmers to build diversity and foster the health of the land and community while making a living, we are excited to support local farmers this way.

It’s been fun to educate our tastebuds with culinary delights like mizunakohlrabi, and chicory sugarloaf

We have confidence in knowing where our food comes from – most of it is grown on a little farm and orchard in the Wairarapa; and in knowing our farmers, Frank and Josje:

We’ve been naturally drawn in to being involved with the CSA more than just buying the produce. Today we gave a hand with setting up a new base in downtown Wellington and helped with the weekly packing of orders that were delivered today. This CSA has had a rough beginning, but we are excited about the current momentum and potential.


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