the trip part 3: kaikoura and christchurch

This was a long day of driving…away from the mountains of Nelson Lakes, along the long flat Wairau Valley with its miles of vineyards, through brown bone-dry Marlborough, and along the Kaikoura coast to Christchurch.

I have a “thing” for earthen buildings, so we had to stop at Riverlands Cob Cottage just south of Blenheim and have a look around. This building is nearly 150 years old, attesting to the durability of cob in this dry environment. For those of you who aren’t familiar, cob is a mixture of clay, sand, and a fiber such as straw or grass, built into a monolithic wall (as opposed to bricks or blocks).

Kaikoura is an interesting little coastal town – touristy, but not overly so. We just “had” to stop at a roadside stand and get a freshly cooked crayfish to share since in Maori, Kaikoura means:

Kai: “eat”
Koura: “crayfish”

It was about the size of a lobster, and tasty.

Here are a couple other photos taken in Kaikoura:


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