the trip part 2: nelson lakes

Nelson Lakes National Park is an alpine area south of the city of Nelson. When we arrived there it was rainy and cold; not so great for our night in the tent at Lake Rotoiti, but at least these conditions kept the sandfly population down!

Fortunately the next morning the sun rose on absolutely perfect weather, as we set off for a two day tramping trip to Lake Angelus.

Most of the first day’s walk was along the rocky Robert Ridge with fine views to both sides.

In the photo below you can see some buildings. This is what remains of an old ski area. I’ve heard that it ceased operation because of decreasing snowfalls, and because of lack of demand (the only access is by foot or helicopter, and it would take the better part of a day to walk in in the winter).

New Zealand has a huge number of backcountry huts. There is one at Lake Angelus but it was being rebuilt when we were there. So we tented next to the hut. In the morning – ice on the lake edge, and frost on the tent!

The second day’s walk involved scrambling down the steep Cascade Track then following the gentle grade of the track along the Travers River and edge of Lake Rotoiti.


2 thoughts on “the trip part 2: nelson lakes

  1. We were talking about how the two of you, together with your sister and J should make an invasion of NZ. We would have such excellent adventures. 🙂

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