the trip part 1: ferry and marlborough sounds

Here’s a brief summary in words and photos of a road trip Eilidh and I took in the south island of NZ. Dorothy stayed home this time with Sonia who was kind enough to housesit for us!

The ferry left Wellington as the sun was rising. Being Easter weekend, the ferry was completely full. There were even people lying on the floor sleeping. We managed to find seats with a good view from the back of the ferry, and watch the city slip by.

Just something that caught my eye:

After arriving in Picton, it was a 4 1/2 hour drive through the Marlborough Sounds to Port Ligar, the home of our friends the Shand family.

Much of the drive was on narrow windy single-lane gravel roads. But the views…! The following photos are unedited.

We spent three nights with the Shands. Being Easter weekend, most of their 10 children were home. One of them, Cat, had sailed her yacht across Cook Strait from Wellington area. Apparently that takes about the same time as the route we had come. 🙂

The Shands raise mussels and have a large farm. The land has been in their family for several generations. Until about 20 years ago when the road was built, the only access was by boat. They are very hard working people, and kind hosts.

Sailing in a yacht, and sea fishing, were new experiences for me. The sea life is certainly rich here; once I got the hang of fishing it didn’t take long to reel in plenty of fish.

(Credits, last two photos: Eilidh)

This is the view of Port Ligar from the Shand’s front deck.

All 30-some of us sailed around the peninsula in the yacht and the Shand’s fishing boat to have a picnic on a beach.


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