I have two recommendations:

1. Google Reader

I have discovered a very cool web service.

It’s called Google Reader. I highly recommend it!

I tell Google Reader which blogs I want to monitor for new entries, and every time I log on to Reader, it tells me who has updated their blog, displays the content of all blog entries, and provides links to easily go directly to a blog to post comments if I like. I find it very handy – instead of checking numerous blogs on a regular basis, I can go to one web page and see it all!

2. Sustainable energy book

I also highly recommend this book:


It can be downloaded as a PDF file from its website. It is the best description I have found of:

the options that we have for energy production during peak oil and energy descent,
the feasibility of each of these options,
the reasoning behind global warming and climate change, and
what we must expect if we want to convert to renewable energy sources.

It is a case study of the energy resources and demands of the UK, but the principles are applicable anywhere in the world. It is very readable. I hope you get as much benefit out of it as I did!


3 thoughts on “recommendations

  1. wow! I made the list 🙂
    One sad fact of an upcoming marriage is that my reading time is both – dwindling and – consumed with books on marriage!

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