The other day I was introduced to passionfruit.

I came across a heap of yellow ones that had fallen from the vine following a cold snap. They were just laying next to the sidewalk, and the vine was evidently on public property, so I picked a bagful and headed home. Now I thought this was exciting, because 1) I love to harvest and experience wild foods, and 2) to a newcomer from northern North America, I find “exotic” tropical fruits fascinating.

20090514 073

So I took them home, discovered that they are full of seeds and not suitable for eating directly, and learned that the seeds can be separated out using a blender.

The fruit has to be yellowy-brown and almost rotten looking before it is ripe. The ones I had that were ripe, were delicious. The others were pretty tart. In any case, I got a nice amount of juice from them.

20090514 075


2 thoughts on “passionfruit

  1. I ate passionfruit once. I have to admit. I didn’t like it. 😦 But maybe I got a bad apple.

    I wrote about you on my blog, I hope I did an acurrate representation. Please tell your lovely wife hello! 🙂

  2. Well it makes me feel special for you to have thought of me! Thanks for the referral.

    By the way, if you and Matthew have some time and internet bandwidth, you might find some conversation-provoking videos on this site: Eilidh and I stayed up for hours watching…

    I would tell my lovely wife hello from you, but she is sleeping in bed and it’s 2:30 PM! Oh wait, it’s 2:30 PM your time. 🙂

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