I go barefoot simply because I enjoy going barefoot. But if I had to have reasons…?

1) The bliss of mud puddles

2) That pleasant ache that feels so good after a long walk/run

3) No blisters – ever!

4) Feeling textures like never before

5) Feeling “grounded”

6) Being forced to slow down and observe

7) The good feeling that my feet are getting stronger the more I walk barefoot

8 ) No sweaty stinky feet – ever!

9) An incomparable light springy feeling when running

10) The foot tan

11) Near silent walks (no clop clop of shoes)

12) No shoe wear and tear = no money spent

13) Conquering terrain that I feel is impossible, and the feeling afterward

14) Thinking of new responses to people’s questions

15) No socks to wash or shoes to clean

16) A feeling of balance and control

17) Not having to worry about shoes getting wet when the rain comes

18) Not being afraid to do something that feels right


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