dung beetles and bare feet (or, the priority of polar bears)

As I walked barefoot across Appleton Park today, keeping an eye open for doggie piles, I thought about dung beetles.

You see, dung beetles are amazing little things. They can bury a pile of poop in twenty four hours. This is important because: 1) it puts that valuable fertilizer into the soil before the nutrients bake or wash away, and 2) it keeps these patties from becoming fly and disease carriers. Pretty important functions of a little bug, I do say. Some people have said that the dung beetles are disappearing. You know, I remember seeing them when I was little, but haven’t seen one for years now. I wonder if it is true. If it is, we should be more concerned about extinction of dung beetles than extinction of Al Gore’s homeless global-warming-ized polar bears! You know, the gazillions of little creepy crawlies in the soil are more vital to life than the big noticeable creatures. So think about that next time you have the option to claim more land for your car or house (paving it over or compacting it) or spread poison on it (spray), or otherwise make it inhospitable for our little friends. Our survival and prosperity is directly tied to theirs!

Walking barefoot can be thought provoking. πŸ™‚


One thought on “dung beetles and bare feet (or, the priority of polar bears)

  1. You know those funny white bugs on the orchid? I have often wondered if they were somehow important to the plant, and felt a little guilty for squishing them. Obviously squishing them hasn’t hurt the blooms any πŸ˜‰

    Good thoughts

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