photos from today

Today is a holiday. Waitangi Day. I didn’t have to go to work. So I rode my bike around. It was nice. I went to the tip (the landfill). There’s a nice little shop they have set up there for recycling stuff. I rode to the south coast. I went barefoot, towing the bike trailer.



I just had to record some eclectic sights along the way…

This is the second house that I have seen near Wellington that is made of metal shipping containers. Not a bad idea, I think, seeing how narrow the building site is. I wonder how hot (and cold) it gets inside though?


An elderly house across the way. This picture is a prime example of two things that define New Zealand: the yellow gorse bushes, and rusty corrugated iron roofs. Maybe it doesn’t go with my “eclectic” theme, but it was worth a photo anyhow.


Another house; this one is well known in the area. It virtually sits “on” the rugged and exposed southern shoreline, so it’s not too odd for me to imagine the boat arriving on a massive wave!


And…someone’s pride and joy in Island Bay / Berhampore.



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