a sweet as kiwi holiday

The other day my mates and I, over a cuppa, got the idea of taking a tramp in the wop-wops. We’re such hard cases, my flatmates and I! It was such a great idea, we put on the jug, had another biscuit, and hashed it out.

The sparky and I woke up first thing. Even the boatie came along despite being crook. The telly proclaimed a choice day. After some sweet kai and a flat white, we grabbed take-away and headed for the dairy where we we loaded the trolley with fizzy drinks (feijoa – my favorite!), lollies, chippies, and heaps of flash treats. Sweet as! The sparkie nearly got buggered by a boy racer on the zebra crossing as we left! But it turned out good as gold. 

We threw the loot in the chilly bin and then in the boot of my mate’s mint hired caravan. The postie saw us as he braked his pushbike for the judderbar, and came over to yak. Turns out he was near the end of his run, so, cheeky bugger, he finished off, came, and joined us after changing the kid’s jersey and nappy and leaving him at kindy.

The rig was chockablock. Space was dear. It was as tight as a smoko at tea. Fortunately the sparky sussed it out and grabbed his flash ute. Now we could even take my barbie. Sweet as!

We finally took off, driving like the hoons we are. Fortunately the track was metalled because it started to hose and the road got dodgy. The creek was chockablock and would have been heaps of fun if we had brought togs! Despite his gumboots, when the postie jumped out to open the gate, he moved like a pram on ice!

As we neared the place, the sun came out. It was a choice crib, with a sweet long drop nearby; no scungy loo for us! With the wooly maggots fenced out, my mate maintains a choice garden with a few chooks. We noticed a few courgettes and capsicums, which we promptly removed to the bench to have with kumara chips and bangers for tea.

We played a little footy…well, all except for the postie, who only brought jandals. It was sweet, even though I broke my zip. My favorite jumper too! Ah well, she’ll be right.

Finally, we retired. The lights were snarky so we grabbed a torch. What a sweet as day!


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