SIH / SHI / HIS / HSI / ???

Does anyone know what this symbol means? There are lots of tombstones in the local cemetery that have it prominently displayed e.g. above the person’s name. Looks like a combination of the letters S, I, and H to me, though it might be an S and three I’s.

2 thoughts on “SIH / SHI / HIS / HSI / ???

  1. Good guess David. The letters are IHS, and would indicate that the grave – and whole cemetery – are Catholic. It is very common in older Catholic churches, and I remember it well from my early education(?) in a Catholic school. I “Googled” this explanation: “The IHS Christian Emblem is a Monogram which represents the Holy Name of Jesus consisting of the three letters: IHS. During the Middle Ages, the Name of Jesus was written: IHESUS. The monogram, or emblem, IHS contains the first and last letter of the Holy Name. The letters IHS referring to this monogram do not contain periods, or full stops, after each letter as it is an abbreviation of the name IHESUS.”

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