anniversary stroll

We headed out for a day on the town yesterday, which also happened to be our fifth anniversary! I toted the camera along to take a few snapshots so you can see what we were up to.

We checked the birds nest in our front yard to see if there were any tenants. Nope, not yet!

Then a walk along the streets…

Greeted by Mr. Drake in the botanical gardens…

The first time I’d seen an orchid growing outdoors and anywhere other than in a pot (in the botanical gardens)…

The stump of a black tree fern, amazing!


The harbor, from the top of the Cable Car (on which we took our first ride).

Wellington… or, Te Aro, to be more exact…

One of the weirdest contrasts in Wellington, in my opinion at least:
A Burger King that has taken over an old marble-columned bank building in what is now a popular shopping area (Courtenay Street and Cuba Street)…

The day involved a harp concert, a visit to the museum – Te Papa, coffee in the park, crepes (hummus and onion, and banana/caramel/cream) from the tiny stand run by a French immigrant, and a walk along the harbor. Altogether a very nice day and one to remember!


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