the house

Let me take you on a tour of “our” house.

Let’s come up the back road, that way we can sight it from a distance. Coming from the city, you’d never know it was there.

She’s the purple one…actually more like a “dusty rose”. And if you look directly up the hill you’ll see a garage, and if you look really closely just to the right of that garage is another one. Hey, don’t strain your eyes. You probably can’t see it. That is our garage. Sort of. But not really. Because the owners have it full of stuff. But there’s enough room for our bicycles. Which is good, because if we couldn’t use the garage, it would be an adventure getting bikes to and from the house…as you’ll see shortly… Anyhow.

Thar she ees, jungle and all. Those palm tree looking things, they are ferns. Black tree ferns.

Now we must keep a sharp lookout, because the only sign of our house is a wooden post with a house number. Yes, the one on the right. And yes, some people in Wellington park on their roofs. There is no room for a garage or driveway. 

Let’s walk down those stairs and under the “driveway.” OK, look back for a minute…

Now we enter the”front yard” of our house.

Hey! There’s the suspect!

Steps, walkway, steps, and…you guessed it…more steps…

Over the river and through the woods…

“No!”, says the path, “I cannot be level…not in Wellington!” So we climb.

Almost there.

Ta da.

Our stuff arrives in a week, meanwhile the interior is not too exciting (walls, floor, ceiling, window (Window!)), so I’ll spare you the agony and post pictures AFTER our stuff is arranged and it looks liveable. But I’ll leave you with a teaser…the view from the kitchen into the backyard. Mmm yeah…


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