the circle of life, with goldfish in the middle

Natural processes fascinate me. Fermentation, decomposition, growth, harvest, reproduction… all amazing. Nature has a way of turning death to life and back again, without waste. There is so much to observe and imitate in order to change our way of life from one of waste and pollution to one that multiplies life and health!

We happened to step out of the main exhibit hall in the city museum (“Te Papa”) for a drink of water, and came across this cool side exhibit. It was for me by far the best show in the place. It’s the only thing I took a photo of in the whole museum. šŸ™‚ The glass box at the bottom is a goldfish tank. There’s a little pump that takes water from the tank to the top of the chandelier type thing, where it proceeds to dribble down through plastic 2-liter bottle sectionsĀ filled with growing medium and various herb plants, and back into the tank. The colored lights keep the plants alive in a dark room (and they look cool). What is cool about this is that several functions are accomplished at once: the goldfish tank is aerated, the water is filtered by the plants and growing medium, and the fish poo feeds the plants. You could set one of these up and haveĀ a continual supply of fresh herbs and fish, with little work involved. (OK, probably don’t want to use goldfish, I don’t think they taste good.) Set it up in a sunny part of the house, and you could do away with need for the lights; and some clever design could power the pump on solar energy. Self-sustaining…imitating nature…fascinating.

(Sorry about the poor picture quality,Ā it was really darkĀ and I had to shoot handheld…)



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