servant boat

A couple of years ago I read to Eilidh a book called “Doulos”, the story of an old ship that was bought by a Christian mission and put into service traveling the world. “Doulos” is Greek for “servant.” Little did we know that we would actually step foot on the boat someday!

Doulos is docked in Wellington for a few weeks. She is billed as “the world’s oldest operating oceangoing passenger ship,” (built 2 yrs before the Titanic) and “the world’s largest floating bookstore”. We took a look, and bought a book or two (nice selection). We both remarked that it would be a great experience to live and work on a ship along with the 300+ other crew. But the flyers say “Farewell Tour” so I wonder if the ship is being retired?

Docked at Queens Wharf:

Our custom is to get a coffee from the vendor at the Sunday farmer’s market, and sit down by Chaffer’s Marina and watch people and enjoy the sun (if it is out!!). Here’s a peek at our view:

Here’s a puzzle. Who can tell me what this is?


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