All our earthly belongings (minus four suitcases, two boxed bicycles, and a guitar) drove off on a big white truck last night.  The truck will unload into a shipping container, which goes on a ship, on another truck, then (hopefully!) delivered to our new home in Wellington, New Zealand sometime in August.  Meanwhile, we fly there to get established.  When I sold the pickup and car, I had this mix of sadness and remorse, like losing an old friend, as well as relief for not having the vehicles around to maintain, license, pay for fuel for, etc.  But somehow, I did not have those feelings about our household stuff leaving.  I felt neutral.  Like I could live just fine without all of that – and I have been, so far.  Now, we’ve spent the past weeks off and on sorting through all of our belongings, dispensing of what we didn’t really need.  And we whittled it down to what was really necessary.  So all the more strange to feel that even those “necessary” things, we could do without.

Yet another confirmation of this long-time vision I’ve had of living really simply…even in a tent.


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