the day’s events

The day was great.  I joined some friends for a hockey game.  Numerous innocent bystanders also joined in, and by the time I left we had quite the action packed but friendly game.  I was generally successful in maneuvering around the slow ones, stepping over (almost) the little boys, and dodging the recklessly speeding ones.  Oh, and not tripping over myself.  The bruises are evidence that I was only “generally” successful in these attempts.  (Why do I always fall on my left knee?  Hmmmm.)

On these constantly overcast winter days, I find few subjects for photos near our home, so I took advantage of the hockey game to practice action shots. 

What was that??!!

When he got the puck, he sure went after it.

I always enjoy driving through the neighborhood that contains the city’s original homes.  Builders really were craftsmen back then.  Some adventurous souls have painted their houses in bright colorful gypsy style…and in a strange and twisted manner, it really works out!  Driving past these homes generally puts a smile on my face.  




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