Watched “Waco – The Rules of Engagement” which is a documentary about David Koresh, the Branch Davidian group he led, and their fiery death in their compound while under siege by the FBI and ATF.  The video footage brought me near the point of tears of grief for the horrible treatment of the families inside: death by poisoning from overdose of tear gas, by crushing, by automatic gunfire, and finally being burnt to death.  While I don’t understand all of the Davidians’ religious views or the way they chose to respond to government intrusion, and I don’t agree with what I do understand, I grieve for the awful and unnecessary deaths these people died, and for the inhuman treatment at the hands of the government agents.  They were not treated in a way that an honorable justice system treats people.  

As someone was filmed saying: “The psychology of those inside the compound was being questioned…when in fact the psychology of those outside should have been more subject to question.”

I am grieved.


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