thoughts and dreams

How can I make my strong desire for responsible home construction and property development into a functioning occupation and/or a way to provide income, without becoming a paid “expert” / “specialist”?  How can I enable others to learn and practice responsible living without making a “career” of it?  Other than writing a book…I’m not sure.  And I don’t see myself writing a book anytime in the foreseeable future.

-What I do not want to do: like Marty the contractor at the straw bale house I visited, build a house for someone.  Nor, like other local “eco” builders, building fashionable houses with all the latest expensive eco gadgets.  
-What I do want to do: enable, or build alongside, the person or people who will live in the house.  Enable them to live mortgage free.  Building simple, mostly small, super comfortable, personalized, fit-to-location homes, at little cost or dependence on corporate or imported products or services (that is, small scale and local).  

I think I could do it, I have enough knowledge to get me started, and I have the physical ability.  But there are a few speed bumps: 
-Building codes and planning committees that for the sake of convenience and standardization cater toward conventional building and thus (perhaps unintending), restrict other ideas that are just as valid and, in many respects, more wise.
-The fact that I live in a country where convenience is a virtue, where specialists abound, and where building is an industry managed by specialists rather than something in which nearly everyone participates in some way.
-And the fact that despite the steps I have taken to have a simple and uncluttered life without debt, and barter whenever possible, there are still some expenses (like the internet access that makes this post possible) that are unavoidable in my current situation, requiring some sort of cash income.

 Until a path becomes clear, I am going to learn what I can, and give the dream time to mature…


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