of wine and sports

A most interesting dinner tonight. Everyone of consequence was there, from the GE Wind “Product Line Leader” to the head of engineering to the head of sales to the leader of the research engineers…and I ask myself why I was there! The meal was interesting because first of all, we did not get our main course until nearly 2 hours after we sat down. 🙂 The waiter seemed to be quite happy to continue pouring glass after glass of wine for everyone…except me since I don’t care for much of the stuff. At $30-$40 a bottle they probably didn’t mind taking their time to pour us a few extra. At least the long wait was not boring…the evening was filled with talk between those at my end of the table. The talk tended toward wine, and sports – a few business things too, but mostly wine and sports. I didn’t participate much because I have very little to say about either subject! It was crazy to hear how much one guy knew about wine from California, wine from Spain, Italy, France, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, you name it. How can people make it a point to know this sort of stuff! The evening really illustrated to me the evanescence of conversations about worldly things, and the power of conversations on spiritual things. I came back to my room with my ears filled with the buzz of conversation, and the evening definitely wasn’t boring, but I would trade it in a moment for a 10 minute chat with a friend about spiritual things that are near to my heart. You know the rush of fulfillment when talking about things that matter? When that happens, it is as if God is giving approval by granting peace and joy to my spirit.

I am tired…but still want to stay up late…it might be this way for the next two weeks as we pack up and move and I’m running on adrenaline. Well I don’t mind it. I like this sort of change.

Good night.


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