now where am I? let’s see, yes, in toronto

GE has been shipping me all over the world. Most recent is Toronto…I’m sitting in my hotel room writing this. Two weeks ago I came back from a great trip to South Korea. But the next traveling I’m making, is moving myself and my wife up to Montana, the end of October. We are excited about that!

We will be living in the country in Montana…I’ve heard that we may be able to see our nearest neighbor, but just barely. Having spent my first 18 years mostly in the middle of nowhere, I like the seclusion and quiet. On this trip I was taking notice of all the people that support the semi-posh lifestyle I live on a trip like this. Did that make sense?…probably not. I mean to say, I am noticing all the cab drivers and bellboys and waiters and maids that are being paid to serve me. While some people may find it gratifying, I find it a little unnerving. I am used to doing things myself and not having people ready at my beck and call (and every offer of my pocketbook) to help. Oh well, even if I do feel uncomfortable, it is a good experience. I’m not a complete recluse; I do like to wander the downtown streets of big cities from time to time because of the variety and craziness of it all…but at the end of the day I want somewhere quiet to retreat. I don’t think that I would choose to visit big cities unless my employer sent me – as is the case now. When I look at the map to dream of places to visit, my selections are the extreme opposite of what most people’s would be. I look at the places that have the fewest towns and roads. Remote British Columbia and Alaska, and Siberia especially interest me. If I was more bold, I might choose to go out and explore those places.

I hope some of that made sense.

Living in Montana and working from home will be an adventure. Most people who hear I am doing this are very happy for me, and tell me all they’ve heard about the benefits of Montana. They seem envious. While I like the attention and all that, I am trying my best to keep a balanced approach – maybe “realistic” is a better word. When something exciting happens, I tend to go overboard and lose my focus…being married to E. has shown me this part of me. I realize that the new location will not be all roses, and most of all I want to be completely humble and meek and willing to accept whatever God puts in my life. I have this feeling that if I will pay attention and obey him, he has some pretty awesome things to accomplish in my and E’s life. Walking with him is the only thing worthwhile.

Better get to bed. Thanks, ebbyanne, for redesigning my journal. I am glad you are my wife. 🙂


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