dry bones

I am currently thinking about the First Baptist Church service I attended today. Mostly: Why have people become so willing to give up Life and choose Tradition instead? In most any church, why does the Body of Christ have not one but two heads? How did we let christianity become a business? Will morality and christian values “cut it” at the great judgment to come? When he says “…I never knew you,” will we respond “…but Lord, I knew a lot ABOUT you”? Lord give me boldness, wisdom, and opportunities. My heart aches for your Body and your Name. And yet…in those you call your people, there is a great power lying dormant.

Ezekiel 37:1-14 (valley of dry bones), Ezekiel 34 (greedy shepherds and the true shepherd)

“…and THEN they will know that I am the LORD.”


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